Parish Council - Minutes June 2019  










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Present: Couns B. Newman, N. Goodall, I. Hargreaves, J. Myers, C. Whittam and three members of the public..

1. Apologies for absence

Coun. Hall

2. Declaration of interests

Coun. Myers declared an interest under correspondence from a local Guide.

3. Questions from residents

Mr J Pooley asked when the car park project would begin as the pile of chippings is being used as a play area by children. Coun. Newman said the council had been waiting for the work on the flats to be completed and for Pendle to sign the project off. He said as a temporary measure, he would put some fencing round the chippings.

Mr E. Nutter asked re plans for the phonebox. This is to be turned into an out of hours library. It was agreed to put forward this work for inclusion in Pendle's capital bids grants.

Mr Nutter also commented that the bins in the village are not uniformed and said bags of hardcore had been left in the play area. The clerk to ask Pendle to remove.

Mr Nutter asked about hedge and tree trimming at the flats. This is the responsibility of Together Housing and Mr Pooley said he would raise it at the next residents' meeting.

Mr Nutter asked when the hedge at the school, which borders onto the play area, will be cut back and the clerk to contact the school.

Mr Nutter commented on the work on the war memorial and Coun Newman confirmed it will be finished off this week. He had removed the rubbish.

Mr A Clarke spoke about traffic speed limit signs which have not been replaced on Wheatley Lane Road near Pollards Row and Coun. Newman to raise with County Coun. Wakeford.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted.

5 Matters arising from minutes

5.1 Car park project

See above in questions from residents

5.2 Road markings at Pendle Fields and Harpers Lane

LCC say the lines at Harpers Lane have been refreshed.

5.3 Millennium clock battery

New batteries have been bought and will be installed.

5.4 Cherry blossom trees at the corner of Wheatley Lane Road and the bypass

Pendle's tree officer has inspected the trees again and is due to remove one which poses a risk to the highway. He will monitor the others and replace when necessary.

5.5 Garden show

A meeting of the committee was held after the parish council meeting.

6 Reports from outside bodies


7 Correspondence

Blacko Parish Council has a new boules pitch and is hoping to set up a competition. It was agreed to join in if a team could be raised. A letter from Lucy Farnworth a local Guide who is going to Gdansk next year was received asking for funds. It was agreed to invite her to the July meeting to find out more information.

Pendle is holding a meeting re possible transfer of duties/facilities. Coun. Newman to attend.

8. Planning

19/0344/HHO proposal - demolition of garage to rear and erection of single storey extension to rear and side at The Heights, Heights Lane, Fence - no comments.

19/0345/LBC Proposal: Listed Building Consent for demolition of garage to rear and erection of single storey extension to rear and side forming doube garage at The Heights, Heights Lane - no comment.

Prior notification approval (solar panels) installation of 342 x 285 w solar panels on the roof at 4 Pendleside - no comments.

9. Finance

Authorised payments were made to:

£123.50 - D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses..

£322 - Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£40.51 - Clerk's pension contribution...

£49.80 - Coun. Newman for battery for the clock.

£90 - JR Landscapes for cut to village hall grass.

The council agreed to apply for £1,750 to Pendle's capital bids programme for new environmentally friendly benches and for the renovation of the phone box into an out of hours library.

10 Any other business

Coun. Newman said a tree promised by Slate Age for the village was donated by the owners to Newchurch.

Coun. Newman said the long running saga over a roaming dog in Fence was being dealt with by Pendle, but due to legal reasons, it is quite a slow process.

The play area inspection is planned for July.

Coun. Newman thanked Coun. Hall for planting up the village planters.

Lights out on the bypass to be reported to LCC.

Coun. Myers has reported a hedge overgrowing into the road at Harpers Lane.

Coun. Newman asked for a green bin to be sought from Pendle for the volunteers to use at Harpers Garden.

11 Date of next meeting

July 1st in Fence Village Hall at 7p.m.