Parish Council - Minutes July 2019









BB10 4RF



Present: Couns B. Newman, N. Goodall, I. Hargreaves, J. Myers, C. Whittam and four members of the public..

1. Apologies for absence

Coun. Hall

2. Declaration of interests

Coun. Myers declared an interest under item 5.5 re a request for a donation from a local Guide.

3. Questions from residents

Mrs J. Heaps asked if the footpath which runs alongside Plantation Cottage could be looked at. She said she had been advised that this was in the remit of the parish council lengthsman. It was confirmed that the lengthsman’s budget and hours are limited and the parish council has a schedule of work which is accommodated by this. The clerk to ask Pendle’s footpath officer to look at the path and carry out any necessary work.

Mrs Heaps asked for clarification over the costs of repairs to the war memorial. Coun. Newman confirmed the estimate had stated £150 a day using two workers at £75 each.

Mrs Heaps asked for clarification re the donated tree by Slate Age and Coun. Newman said this had been donated by the owners to Newchurch.

Mrs Heaps said there are two bins near to the allotments on Barden Lane which are not used and she asked if one could be moved up to the top of Greenhead Lane near to the bypass. This is in Reedley Parish Council’s area, but the clerk to pass on to Pendle.

Mr J. Pooley asked for an update on the village car park and Coun. Newman said permission had been gained and the council is now awaiting for the contractor to give a start date.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted, with a minor amendment to correspondence which should read Lucy Farnworth.

5 Matters arising from minutes

5.1 Phonebox

The clerk has submitted a grants bid to Barrowford and Western Parishes to cover the refurbishment of the phone box into a mobile library and also to pay for two new benches in the village. A total of £1,750 has been requested and the committee meets in July.

5.2 Play area

The bags of hardcore have now been removed.

5.3 Hedge and tree trimming at Wheatley Close flats.

Mr Pooley had as requested, discussed with residents whether there was a need for the hedges and trees to be trimmed back. No one had raised any requests. The actual work is the responsibility of Together Housing.

5.3 Road traffic speed signs

Mr Clarke had contacted the clerk to confirm the signs had been put back up by LCC. Councillors questioned the legality of them as they have only been put up on one side. The clerk to pass on the query to County Coun. Wakeford.

5.4 Cherry blossom trees at the corner of Wheatley Lane Road and the bypass

Work has started on maintaing these trees.

5.5 Request for donation

Lucy Farnworth visited the parish council and explained her request for funding to help towards a Guide EuroJam in 2020 to Poland. The councillors were very impressed with Lucy’s hard work fund raising and agreed to a donation of £50. Lucy is to visit the council after the event to give feedback.

5.6 Garden show

A meeting of the committee was held after the parish council meeting. A request for raffle prizes was made.

5.7 Roaming Dog

Coun. Myers said the problem is still ongoing, but appears to have quietened down.

5.8 Green bin for Harpers Garden

Pendle had agreed to a bin and garden waste sticker. The clerk to check the delivery details.

6 Reports from outside bodies

Coun. Newman gave a report on the meeting at Pendle re the possible transfer of duties/facilities from the borough to the parish and the power point information had been emailed to councillors.

Coun. Myers had attended the countryside access meeting and suggested that may be volunteers in the village could help with the maintenance of footpaths to help out the footpath’s officer. She had been told that a supervisor would have to be paid to ensure the work was done correctly. It was agreed to put details on the council website to see if there was any initial interest..

7 Correspondence

Campaign to Protect Rural England’s Lancashire branch are looking for volunteers to help prepare information on large scale housing developments in rural/greenbelt inorder to try and stop areas such as Fence becoming too urbanised. Anyone interested is asked to email the chairman Debra McConnell via

Clerk’s Direct magazine circulated.

8. Planning

19/0414/CEU proposal: certificate of lawfulness to retain a single storey extension to the rear of 479 Wheatley Lane Road – no comments.

9. Finance

Authorised payments were made to:

£152 – D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses..

£330.68- Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£40.51 – Clerk’s pension contribution...

£160 – JR Landscapes for cut to village hall/play area grass.

£35 – J. Barritt – PAYE.

£1,544.50 – I Frankland for work repairing war memorial wall.

95p – HMRC – PAYE.

£50 – donation to Lucy Farnworth for EuroJam trip.

£258.02 – D. Hall for plants for planters.

10 Any other business

Coun. Newman has strimmed around the planters and is to look at a hedge near the village hall which needs strimming.

Coun. Myers said Safe Lanes in Pendleside are looking a re fitting new safety mirrors which are made of material which should stay clean.

The clerk to report dog bins on the floor at Harpers Lane and by 361 Wheatley Lane Road.

11 Date of next meeting

August 5th in Fence Village Hall at 7p.m.