Parish Council - Minutes Aug 2019










BB10 4RF



Present: Couns B. Newman, D. Hall N. Goodall, I. Hargreaves, J. Myers, C. Whittam and two members of the public..

1. Apologies for absence


2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents

Mrs J. Heaps said she had arranged for two benches in the village, Melanie's at St Anne's Way and one at the junction of Wheatley Lane Road and Noggarth Road to be renovated by Mr Peter Smith. She asked if the second one could be sited nearer to the bus stop and this was agreed. A letter of thanks to be sent to Mr Smith.

Mrs Heaps thanked for her input.

Mr E. Nutter asked re hardcore which had been left at the play area. It was confirmed this had been removed by Pendle. He also reported a smashed bench at the play area. The council is aware of this and arrangements are being made for a replacement.

Mr Nutter asked when the car park will be started and Coun. Newman said he was waiting for confirmation from the contractor.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted.

5 Matters arising from minutes

5.1 Footpath near Plantation Cottage

This has now been looked at by the footpath officer and strimmed back. A nearby one which is boggy has been reported to the officer by Mrs Heaps.

5.2 Phonebox

A grant of £400 has been received from the parish council champion for the renovation of the phonebox into a mobile library. Coun. Newman .had received an offer from a youngster in the village to paint the phone box as part of his community involvement for a Duke of Edinburgh award. Coun. Newman to liaise work.

5.3 Play area

Rubbish had been left at the play area and cleaned up by Mrs P. Barton, the council expressed their thanks to Mrs Barton. The clerk to arrange for the bins at the play area to be emptied.

5.4 Road traffic speed signs

Mr Clarke had contacted the clerk to confirm the signs had been put back up by LCC. Councillors questioned the legality of them as they have only been put up on one side. The clerk had passed on the query to County Coun. Wakeford, but no response. This will be forwarded to LCC.

5. 5 Garden show

Coun. Whittam said the event had been a great success with more floral entries this year. Next year, more publicity in the village is to be arranged. £138 was raised on the day. Coun. Whittam and her fellow organisers thanked for their hard work..

5.6 Roaming Dog

Coun. Newman said the matter appears to have quietened down, with only one incident reported thjis month.

5.7 Green bin for Harpers Garden

Pendle had agreed to a bin and garden waste sticker and this has now been delivered.

5.8 Transfer of parish council services

Coun. Newman said no further discussions had been held.

5.9 Dog bins on floor at Harpers Lane and Wheatley Lane Road

These have been re-erected by Pendle.

6 Reports from outside bodies

A grant of £500 was given by Barrowford and Western Parishes towards two new benches. Coun. Newman to order.

7 Correspondence

A review of council wards by the Boundary Commission had been circulated and publicised. The council is to object strongly to the plan to put Fence and Higham in with Brierfield West on the grounds that the two villages are rural and Brierfield West urban and there is a strong feeling, the villages would not be represented as rural. The preferred option would be to put Fence and Higham in with Pendleside, rather than Barrowford, which is also urban.

JR Landscapes had sent in details of its winter gritting service.

Information on grants from the Pendle Hill Landscape Project was received , along with information on the registration of historic rights.

Lancashire police had advised that any road closures needed for Remembrance Day services had to be arranged and paid for through the borough council.

The police and crime commissioner is launching a pilot scheme for a community champion volunteer. Two parish councils have signed up. The clerk to write back and ask for more information.

Pendle had sent details of a consultation for the public spaces protection order.

A resident had sent in concerns over bad parking on the side street near to Spring Mill Court. LCC had advised they were not responsible for replacing faded lines or maintaining the land. Pendle BC said there had been no planning conditions imposed when the former mill had been converted to houses, but they would contact the developer to see if they were prepared to do anything. Coun. Newman to put up some bollards asking people to park with consideration for others.

8. Planning

17/0672/FUL for the extensionto industrial land to accommodate up to 10 industrial units with open space, access roads, landscaping and infrastructure with means of access off Churchill Way - no comments.

19/0493/Ful proposal - formation of a service yard extension to provide a turning area and trailer parking and associated landscaping at 57 Churchill Way - no comments.

9. Finance

In; £400 - Lancashire County Council parish champion grant for phone box renovation.

Authorised payments were made to:

£132.50 - D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses..

£322.72- Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£40.51 - Clerk's pension contribution...

£145- JR Landscapes for cut to village hall/play area grass.

£65.23 - B. Newman for streetname plate refurbishment.

10 Any other business

The clerk to ask for a street nameplate to be replaced at Wheatley Lane Road opposite Mellings.

Coun. Myers passed on a request to trim overhanging trees from the village hall area into a garden on Lane Top. Coun. Newman to do this and trim back bushes blocking the windows of the hall.

Coun. Hall asked for the hedge by the planter on the bypass to be trimmed to provide access. Also to arrange weedkilling. The clerk to ask JDR Landscapes.

Coun. Newman to re fill the planter near The Forest. It was suggested that shrubs be put in to save keep planting up each season.

The lengthsman to look at the triangle, which needs tidying.

It was agreed to hold the October meeting on September 30th as the clerk is unavailable on October 7th.

11 Date of next meeting

September 2nd in Fence Village Hall at 7p.m.