9Parish Council - Minutes Sept 2019 











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Present: Couns B. Newman, D. Hall N. Goodall, I. Hargreaves, J. Myers, C. Whittam and one member of the public.

1. Apologies for absence


2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents

Mr E Nutter asked when the clock would be placed back at the war memorial. Coun. Newman said it was not working and would be returned promptly.

Mr Nutter asked re a container in a field in Wheatley Lane Road. Coun. Newman said Pendle's planning were aware of the container, but had decided on no action unless further complaints from the public were made.

Mr Nutter asked for an update on the car park project and Coun. Newman said the council is waiting on the contractor.

Mr Nutter asked re the hedge cutting at Cuckstool Lane and was informed this had been done by an outside contractor at the council's request. The other stretch of the hedge is trimmed by a different contractor.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted.

5 Matters arising from minutes

5.1 Phonebox

Coun Newman has purchased the materials and the work renovating the box is to start soon..

5.2 Play area

The bins have now been emptied. The annual play ground inspection has been completed and no major issues flagged up. Coun. Newman has the report to inspect and carry out any appropriate action..

5.3 Road traffic speed signs

LCC have confirmed that a single sign is fine at this location and is permitted under the regulations. This single carriageway, narrow road, has limited places for locating the terminal signs which is why the 30 mph plate is on the drivers offside. If the driver was heading towards Barrowford and the sign was obstructed for some reason, then the driver would still expect to be in a 20 mph limit due to the street lighting unless they see signs to indicated another limit. The 20 mph sign approach is unlikely to be obstructed other than by the foliage growth over time from the adjacent garden which will need to be managed by the resident. This information has been passed to Mr Clarke and he is still keen for more signs. The clerk has advised Mr Clarke to liaise directly with County Coun. Wakeford and LCC as the parish council has exhausted all avenues open to it.

5.4 Roaming Dog

The dog appears to have re appeared and concern has been expressed via social media from residents. The clerk to contact Pendle for an update.

5.5 Benches

Coun. Newman is sourcing new benches for the village.

5.6 Pilot community champion volunteer scheme

This is still in its infancy, but the organisers want to work more closely with local groups. The clerk has passed on Coun. Newman's details as contact for the parish council and village hall.

5.7 Bad parking outside Spring Mill Court

Pendle had received no response from the developer and as no illegality had been committed, Pendle can take no further. Coun. Newman had been working with the local police and signs asking for people to be more considerate when parking are to be erected around the village.

5.8 Street nameplate outside Mellings

Pendle is to replace when the next order goes in.

5.9 Planter at The Forest

Work is still to be done on this and Coun. Newman looking at suitable shrubs.

5.9 (i) Triangle

This is to be tidied by the lengthsman.

6 Reports from outside bodies


7 Correspondence

An invitation to a boules match had been sent by Blacko. No councillors able to attend.

More publiclity sent re the planned boundary changes. Villagers urged to respond and voice opposition over plans to put Fence in with Brierfield. Coun. Whittam to organise publicity via the website and social media.

8. Planning

19/0428/Ful - conversion of stone barns to four dwellings - Spencer House, 262 Wheatley Lane Road - concern access is on a blind bend and the potential for eight or more vehicles using the entrance. Concern for the extra traffic generated and the associated air and noise pollution caused by the development. Asked for electric charging points.

9. Finance

Authorised payments were made to:

£121..50 - D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses..

£341.55 - Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£40.51 - Clerk's pension contribution...

£225 - JR Landscapes for cut to village hall/play area grass, hedge trimming

£69.60 - Pendle Borough Counc il for play area report.

10 Any other business

Coun. Newman is to draw up some information leaflets for new residents to welcome them to the village and give details of the parish council.

Residents to be reminded re cutting over hanging bushes and vegetation in the village.

Concern over motorbikes causing anti social behaviour.

Council to report operator parking buses and mini buses in the laybay on the bypass overnight and near Parrock Road, Barrowford.

11 Date of next meeting

September 30th in Fence Village Hall at 7p.m. - NOTE THIS IS NOW CHANGED TO 4TH NOV