Play Area Redevelopment 


The playground redevelopment is now almost complete and the Parish Council

would like to thank all those people who, through their fund raising activities,

have made this possible.


History behind the redevelopment 

In September 2013, the committee of 'Fence Friends Park Fund' was formed

and they had their first ever meeting.


The committee was formed to raise over £70,000 for a new play area in the


Anyone who knows the park of old will will agree that the play area was in great

need of a revamp - the children and families of Fence and the surrounding

areas, deserved to have a safe and exciting area to play, somewhere they can

meet to have fun with friends old and new.

Throughout the following 3 years numerous social events were organised

throughout the village and the money was raised and grants obtained. 


Absolute praise and thanks must be given to everyone who has helped

contribute in any way in the fundraising and organisation which has resulted in

the fantastic village park we have today - Thank You!