Parish Council - Minutes April 2018  










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Present: Couns B. Newman, N.Goodall, J. Myers,, D. Hall and two members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence

Couns. P. Shaw, I Hargreaves and. G. Cropper..

2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents

Mrs J. Duerden asked for an explanation as to why the parish precept has been increased by a high percentage over the last few years and what plans the parish council had on spending. It was explained that both Pendle and LCC has stopped giving administration and members grants and more services such as the maintenance of bus shelters have been passed to the parish council. Also a £10,000 grant several years ago from Pendle for the play area had meant the precept being lowered, but the increase had been made to cover the rising costs and extra duties. When the accounts are audited, the external auditor will question if the precept is too high.

Projects underway are the repair and maintenance of the war memorial, facelift for Harpers Garden and a car park plan at the back of the village hall, lack of available grants means this money will probably have to come out of the precept.

It was agreed to make the information more transparent and that it would be included in a section on the parish council website.

Mr E. Nutter asked what plans the council had for funding or projects connected with the Pendle Hill project. He has been volunteering for hedgerow work. Coun. Newman said there is a dedicated officer for this project at Pendle, but plans are only in their infancy. One idea suggested by Mrs Duerden was a dedicated cycle lane around the villages.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted with one minor addition. A request had been made for the return of a grit bin and this has now been replaced in the village by LCC.

4. Matters arising from minutes

4..1 Car park project

There had been no response from the Lancashire Environmental Fund, regarding the delaying of the funding application. Coun. Wakeford had also failed to respond for requests for help. The clerk had spoken to Coun Iddon, the councillor for LCC responsible for highways and he had agreed that if the groundworks and drainage could be organised by the parish council, he would arrange for the filling and tarmac to be made available to finish the area. Coun. Newman was arranging two quotes, the area is now bigger than first thought because of planning regulations.

4.2 Harpers Garden

Coun. Hall to check with the contractor on a start date.

4.3 Bin by the former post office

Coun. Newman has met with Pendle and agreed a new site for the bin. The dog warden has placed no fouling stickers on lamp posts around the village..

4.4 War memorial quote

Coun. Newman had not heard back from any of the firms asked for a quote. He will re contact.

4.5 Overhanging tree on the bypass

The clerk had reported to LCC. Awaiting a reply.

4.6 Bin on Harpers Lane

Pendle has promised to put the bin back on the lamp post.

4.7 Temporary events sign on bypass

LCC is investigating the council’s request.

4.8 Street light out between 55 and 56 Wheatley Close

This has been repaired.

4.9 Tree felling at Lane Top

Coun. Newman to sort out when the better weather sets in.

4.9 (i) Council vacancy

Following the resignation of Coun. Heaps at the March meeting, a vacancy notice is to be displayed.

5 Reports from outside bodies


6 Correspondence

Goldshaw Booth Parish Council had paid for a contractor to clear a section of road during the recent snow and as part of it fell in Old Laund Booth, asked for the parish council to contribute £40. It was agreed to do this as a one off, but it was felt that before work is carried out in future situations, the parish council is informed.

Community Governance review, which does not affect Old Laund Booth was received and circulated.

Data Protection information has been received from LALC. More information is to follow, with the indication that most parish councils will adopt the borough council’s rules and stance as with the register of interests.

7. Planning

Erection of single storey extension to side (west) and entrance canopy over front elevation at 9 Woodbury Avenue – no objections.

8. Finance

Received: £2,060.87 – VAT recovery.

Authorised payments were made to:

£316.62 - Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£108 D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses...

£31.62 – Clerk’s pension contribution..

£35 – J. Barritt, PAYE.

£40 – Goldshaw Booth Parish Counc il – snow clearing.

A rent review for Pendle Forest Sports Club will be prepared once the consumer index figures are published.

9. Any other business

The clerk to report pot holes outside 443 Wheatley Lane Road, at the end of Wheatley Close, outside Slate Age, Fence Gate, Pendle Fields, at the entrance to Cuckstool Lane.

Numberplate thefts had occurred in the village.

The litter bin from the village hall car park is missing.

Request to LCC to remove a road sign left behind a planter on the bypass.

Pendle Forest Sports Club had been targeted by vandals who had destroyed the pitches.

Coun Cropper had asked why the parish meeting had been held on a Bank Holiday, against council policy. This had been an oversight on the clerk’s part and it was agreed to move the May meeting to May 14th to accommodate the Bank Holiday on May Day.

10 Date of next meeting

May 14th at 7-15 p.m. in Fence Village Hall., preceded by the AGM at 7 p.m.