Parish Council - Minutes Oct 2018










BB10 4RF




Present: Couns B. Newman, N.Goodall, D. Hall, J. Myers, P. Shaw, I Hargreaves, J. Farrow and two members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence

Coun Cropper.

2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents


4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted..

4. Matters arising from minutes

4..1 Dog waste and litter bin near Old Laund Wood

The clerk and chairman had liaised with Pendle Borough Council and the owner of The Forest pub had agreed for a bin at the end of the pub cark park and he will empty it. The Woodland Trust say they have spent £2,270 this year replacing entrance furniture, signage and benches and next year will spend a further £7,400 replacing boundary fences to ensure they are stock proof. Also the woodland is visited 3 times a year for litter picking and to mow the grass.

4.2 Overgrown footpaths off Greenhead Lane

The clerk was asked to refer this matter to LCC and County Coun. Wakeford.

4.3 Audit and public inspection

The clerk said the audit had now been completed and the relevant paperwork for the public posted on the website and in the noticeboard. The external auditor had raised no matters re the accounts.

4.4 Greenbank Drive

Coun. Newman had resolved the car parking problem and spoken to the resident who reported it.

4.5 Car park project

The planning application is now with Pendle..

4.6 War memorial quote

Coun. Hall said work is to start this week. The clerk to order 10 car poppies to place on the war memorial. A new battery to be ordered for the clock.

4.7 Play area

Work on securing the shelter is to take place this week. Pendle had inspected the play area and all equipment carried low or no risk. Coun. Newman took the report and will monitor the area.

4.8 Car parking problems on Old Laund Street

Coun. Myers asked if there had been any feedback from the residents regarding the sign the parish council had put up. No councilor had received any.

4.9 Laund Gate car parking problems

LCC say they have no concerns over the area and will not be carrying out any safety work.

5 Reports from outside bodies

The second phase of the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate had been put out for consultation by Pendle. The council had stressed their concern over the compulsory purchase order of land and the impact phase 2 would have on the village in terms of increased traffic and environmentally.

6 Correspondence

A Clerk’s Direct was passed to Coun. Hall.

A letter was received from the former garden show committee members who had distributed funds of £420.81 equally between Pendleside Hospice, North West Air Ambulance and The Salvation Army Nelson Corps.

7. Planning

18/0505 – erection of two storey extension to side elevation and external staircase for use classes BB (storage and distribution) and B1a (offices) and formation of parking bays and access off Churchill Way at 4 Pendleside, Wellocks – no comments.

18/0608 – erection of dormers to rear roofslope at 4 Uplands Drive – no comments.

18/0631 – extension to car park to serve village hall – no comments.

8. Finance

Authorised payments were made to:

£141.38 – D. Hall for Nifty Fifty project

£322.12 Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£130.50- D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses...

£40.51 – Clerk’s pension contribution...

£240 – PDF Littlejohn for audit.

£35 – J. Barritt, internal audit.

£7.98 – HMRC

£20 – P3 for computer repair.

£30 – RBL – poppy appeal.

£140.18 – B. Newman for planning application and repairs to street signs.

£54.90 – RBL for car poppies.

9. Any other business

The clerk confirmed that Remembrance Day arrangements are as usual.

Coun. Newman said a plaque for Harpers Garden is to go up.

Coun. Myers said she had contacted LCC re advertising banners being put up on field fences and on parish council land.

It was agreed a Santa Dash be held if enough volunteers are found. Coun. Myers to ask the Scouts and Guides to help.

Coun. Hall to organise a Christmas lunch for the elderly and Coun. Newman to organise raffle donations.

Coun. Farrow said Pendle Forest Sports Club would welcome use of the club for fund raising events and he said it was hoped to hold a village fete next year.

10 Date of next meeting

November 5th, 2018 in Fence Village Hall at 7 p.m.