Parish Council - Minutes Aug 2017










BB10 4RF


Present: Couns B. Newman, J. Heaps, N.Goodall, J. Myers and D. Hall.

1. Apologies for absence

Coun. Hargreaves

2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents


4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted.

4. Matters arising from minutes

4.1 Red phone box

The clerk had contacted BT to arrange power disconnection. This has now been arranged and can take up to24 weeks.

4.2 Bench at the corner of Wheatley Lane Road

LCC is investigating whether it is feasible to flag up.

4.3 Harpers Garden

Coun. Myers has been in touch with a volunteer to arrange for the garden to be maintained. This will take place once the major work has been completed. A  sign for more volunteers has also gone up.

4.3 Play area

Coun. Newman has confirmed there are enough bins on site.

4.4 Water running down Harpers Lane

Despite United Utilities saying this work has been done, there is still a problem of water spillage. The clerk to contact LCC again.

4.5 Spring  Mill

Skipton Properties say they are to drop the kerbs before the development is finished.

5  Reports from outside bodies

Coun. Newman had received many complaints over the grass cutting or lack of by LCC and had taken up the issues with the county council.

6 Correspondence

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Review consultation 2017 was received.

7.  Planning

17/0305/HHO proposal. Full: Double part, part single storey extension to rear of 2 Woodside Cottages – no objections.

17/0301/FUL – change of use of existing educational farm building to dwelling house and insert additional windows and rooflights at Rigg of England Farm, Heights Lane – no objections.

17/0399/HHO – conversion of flat roof to rear single storey extension to use as a balcony/roof terrace including incorporation of obscure glass block walls and balustrading. The work will be undertaken as additional to the proposal to extend and increase the width of the existing rear dormers under general permitted development allowances. Due to the independence the submitted drawings also indicate work to the dormers at 27 Laund Gate – no objections.

17/03/51/LBC – listed consent for replacement windows and repairs to the roof at Wheatley Lane Methodist School – no objections.

Coun. Heaps gave details of plans for storage tankers behind Reedyford College.

8. Finance

Paid in: £1,500 – Pendle Council, reimbursement of grant for Harpers Garden.

Authorised payments were made to:

£307.52- Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.
£211.50-  D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses...
£31.62 – Clerk’s pension contribution.
£127 – PDS Landscape for play area and village hall grass cutting
£30 – J. Barritt – PAYE.

9. Any other business

It was agreed the defibrillator be housed inside the village hall until a suitable cabinet box can be sourced.

Coun. Newman reported that a car had churned up the cricket field at Pendle Forest Sports Club.The police are investigating.

The car park project  at the back of the village hall was discussed. Barrowford and Western Parishes has donated £2,000 towards the project. Coun. Newman suggested the council approach Skipton Properties for support and the clerk to do this. The village hall committee is to arrange for the fencing at the back of the hall to be replaced.

Coun. Myers suggested the bin which is to be placed at Croft Top Lane be a dual purpose one and it be placed in the layby at the bottom of the lane where there is quite a bin of fly tipping already.

Coun. Heaps reported a light out near the Bay Horse.

Coun. Myers gave information on the Fence Garden Show on August 19th.

Coun. Heaps reported 17 blocked grates on Noggarth Road leading down to Harpers Lane. The clerk to report to LCC.

Coun. Myers reported an overhanging hedge outside a house in Harpers Lane. Coun. Newman to request a cut.

Coun. Heaps reported a bent Give Way sign on Cuckstool Lane.

Coun. Newman said concern had been expressed over the security of a new build site in Harpers Lane. The clerk to pass on to Pendle.

10  Date of next meeting

September 4th at 7 p.m. in Fence Village Hall.