Parish Council - Minutes May 2018    










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Present: Couns B. Newman, N.Goodall, J. Myers,, D. Hall, P. Shaw, I Hargreaves and six members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence


2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents

Mr R. Burnett asked for clarification of the number of cuts the bypass is to have for the grass cutting this year. Coun. Newman had earlier in the year indicated six, but Mr Burnett had spoken directly to LCC and they had said only two, in May and September. Coun. Newman said he has been in talks with the area’s County Coun. Christian Wakeford who had promised to try and get six cuts. The clerk will write to Coun. Wakeford and LCC in a bid to seek final clarification.

Mr Burnett asked regarding new fencing behind the village hall and its purpose. This belongs to the village hall committee and has replaced rotting timber.

Mrs B. Dixon said she had reported a flooding problem to LCC at the corner of her house in Cuckstool Lane and the problem had been rectified, but the grate had been left broken. The clerk asked to contact LCC.

Mrs J. Heaps returned the council computer used for planning applications and said it would need updating. She suggested that if it was not needed, that it be left in the village hall for people with no access to computers to use.

Mr E. Nutter queried whether the new access to Harpers Garden is wheelchair friendly, Coun. Newman said it was suitable for access.

Mr I. Hutchinson asked when LCC would be filling in pot holes. The clerk had reported these and LCC had said this would be done when resources are available. To report a pot hole outside 11-15 Cuckstool Lane which has been repaired badly.

Mr Hutchinson said the surface of footpath 43 which runs from Harpers Lane to Deer Chace has been done badly. Coun. Newman agreed to speak to the site manager of the new development to rectify.

Mr Hutchinson said in the last year there had been five power cuts in Harpers Lane and he wondered if the cables etc are being upgraded. The clerk to ask North West Electricity.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted.

4. Matters arising from minutes

4..1 Car park project

A quote for £5,820 has been received from Scenic Landscapes for digging out the car park and providing drains. A bid for the amount less VAT is to be made to Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee.

4.2 Harpers Garden

Work has started on this project. Coun. Goodall said there had been some damage to the tarmac on the path and Coun. Newman said he would arrange for the contractor to check. A sign has been made and will be put up explaining the community garden. Coun. Myers said Mrs R. Stuttard has reiterated her offer of help. Once the contractor has finished, a working party will be organised.

4.3 War memorial quote

A quote of £2,500 was received for repairs to the wall and one for £1,074. It was agreed to go with the lower quote and Coun. Hall to organise the work. Advice had been give re the cleaning to power wash gently with just water.

4.4 Council vacancy

Mr J. Farrow had written in and applied for the post. It was agreed by all councillors to co-op Mr Farrow on. An acceptance of office form and register of interest form will be completed at the June meeting and the clerk to arrange to send Mr Farrow all relevant information required by new councillors.

4.5 Snow clearing in Goldshaw Booth

Coun. Hargreaves expressed his concern that the parish council had contributed towards the snow clearing. It was explained that the payment had been a gesture of goodwill and the clerk had written to Goldshaw Booth and explained that in future Old Laund Booth would need to be consulted before the clearing if payment was required.

4.6 Data Protection Act

The clerk explained that the council needs to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office by May 25th and a Data Protection Officer employed. Then a privacy policy needs to be drawn up and the DPO to monitor any breaches. It was agreed to register and then discuss at the June meeting.

4.7 Bins at Harpers Lane and outside the village hall

Both of these have been sited.

5 Reports from outside bodies


6 Correspondence

A letter had been received from Mrs C Slack re problems of dogs roaming in the village and the amount of dog fouling. Coun. Newman had spoken to the enforcement officer at Pendle and evidence of dog fouling had been passed to the officer and a prosecution is imminent.

A meeting is to be held to discuss superfast broadband problems. Coun. Newman to represent the parish council.

LCC consultations on street lighting and community transport were received and copies sent to Coun. Newman.

7. Planning

PLE/17/1205 – unauthorised access from field at field number 49, Wheatley Lane Road – Pendle say the owner of the land must close the unauthorised access and restore the wall by June 1st, 2018.

18/029/HHO – erection of dormer on side roofslope and formation of patio area to side of 31 St Anne’s Drive, Fence – no objections.

8. Finance

Received: £14,850 – precept.

Authorised payments were made to:

£287 - Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£76.50 D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses...

£38.58 – Clerk’s pension contribution..

£155– J. Barritt, internal audit.

£58 – post office for postage.

£1,054.79 – Zurich – annual insurance.

The annual governance review was agreed at the AGM preceding the main meeting and the annual accounts and financial standing orders had been reviewed and agreed by all councillors attending. There were no outstanding items raised by the internal auditor.

9. Any other business

Coun. Myers appealed for help organising the village flower show . It was agreed that anyone interested asked to attend the next parish council meeting. To be advertised via social media and the council’s website.

Coun. Myers said Safe Lanes in Pendleside had organised a safety awareness event on June 23rd in Barley car park which was open to all . Two villagers had now joined as volunteers, the rural mounted police.

Coun. Hargreaves raised the problems of speeding motorists racing up and down the bypass, particularly at night. The clerk to report.

Coun. Shaw said speed cameras along the bypass could cure the problem.. The clerk to contact the police and LCC.

10 Date of next meeting

June 4th in Fence Village Hall at 7 p.m.