Parish Council - Minutes March 2017 









BB10 4RF


Present: Couns B. Newman,, J. Heaps, D. Hall, P. Shaw, J. Myers, I Hargreaves, N. Goodall and five members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence

Coun. G. Cropper.

2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents

Following the public consultation over the future of Harpers Garden, residents had written in and attended the meeting. The council had bought the land in the 1970s and there are no restrictions on its use.The general agreement was the garden is kept and maintained on a minimal basis by the lengthsman, with help from the local community. It was agreed to use some of the £1,500 grant from Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee to remove a tree and open up the access better. It was agreed to remove some shrubs and Mr E. Nutter said he would arrange for them to be taken away. Coun. Newman to sort out the remedial work.

A member of the public asked if three places could be identified as community areas in the village for future events and this was agreed.

A question of fly tipping in a farmer's field was raised. The council has not been approached by anyone regarding this.

It was asked when the gullies will be swept. The clerk said the number of visits has been cut by LCC and the best way of dealing with the issue to request a visit by LCC if and when a drain is blocked.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted.

4. Matters arising from minutes

4.1 Car park at the bottom of Old Laund Street

Pendle is now working with the owner of the site to resolve the problems.

4.2 Defibrillator casing

This has been repaired. Coun. Goodall to collect.

4.3 Play area

The roundabout has been ordered and work should start on the project on the last week in March. It was agreed that any remaining money left from the grant and the surplus given by the former Friends of Fence Park fund to be used to resi mulch around the roundabout. Coun. Newman to liaise with the contractor on site.

4. 4 Gardener

Quotes had been received by Coun. Newman for the cutting of the grass, however these did not include the taking away of the grass, so it was agreed that Coun. Newman re contact the contractors and email around the prices, so a decision can be made before the next meeting inorder for the grass cutting season to start.

4.5 Main grate sinking and kerb problems at Woodside Cottages

Coun. Wakeford was not present at the meeting, so no official LCC advice was given re the bollards.

4.6 Kiosk at Wheatley Lane Road

Mr Addison had said details of land ownership are available via the land registery. The clerk is to contact Pendle to obtain legal advice over the proposed removal of the kiosk to another site.

4.7 Heathgate sign

This has been repaired. Thanks to Mr J. Pickles for the work.

5 Reports from outside bodies

Coun. Newman said the £750 grant from County Coun. Wakeford had been received by the village hall committee.

6 Correspondence

Pendle had sent in details of the planning framework and call for sites. These are to be displayed on the noticeboards.

A letter was received from Mrs J. Barritt of Trawden expressing her concern that she had been cited at a parish council meeting as receiving renumeration for audit services to the parish council. Mrs Barritt asked for a full written apology from the parish council. The audit is carried out by Mrs J. Barritt of Blackpool. It was agreed the clerk would write to Mrs Barritt of Trawden and advise that the councilor who had raised the issue would contact her personally to resolve the issue.

A letter was received from Pendle regarding a Community Governance Review which will look at electoral and warding issues. Any comments to be sent to Pendle by March 31st.

A petition was received from residents expressing their concern over the new wall at the former Panaz site. As this has already received planning permission, the council can only pass on the petition to the site owners, Skipton Properties.

7. Planning

17/0056/FUL - Extend dwelling into attached barn with associated external alterations at Higher Old Laund Farm. No objections, but to check with Pendle if work has already started.

8. Finance

In: £500 - Pendle Forest Sports Club rent

£750 - donation from village hall committee towards Christmas party.

Authorised payments were made to:

£297.97 - Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£208.28- D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses...

£31.62 - Clerk's pension contribution.

£204.50 - Pendle Forest Sports Club - reimbursement of overpayment of annual rent.

£18.70 - J. Pickles, materials to repair Heathgate sign.

9. Any other business

The clerk to chase up bins which need looking at in Forest Avenue, Heights Lane, Noggarth Road and Wheatley Close.

The clerk to report a sign down on the bypass at the junction with Carr Hall Road.

10 Date of next meeting

April 3rd at 7 p.m. Fence Village Hall. Please note the May meeting will be on May 8th due to the Bank Holiday.