Parish Council - Minutes May 2017    










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Present: Couns B. Newman,, J. Heaps, D. Hall,  P. Shaw, N. Goodall, Myers, Hargreaves and Cropper  and one  member of the public.

1. Apologies for absence


2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents

Grass cutting in the village was discussed. Quotes had been sought from several firms, but none had been happy about taking the grass away. The clerk confirmed the contract had been given to PDS Landscapes and grass had been cut at the play area and behind the village hall.

A sign at Harpers Lane had been broken. Coun. Newman said Pendle had ordered a new one.

A broken BT manhole cover at Laund Gate had been reported.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted,.

4. Matters arising from minutes

4.1 Harpers Garden

Coun. Myers said some work had been done to tidy up the area, but no volunteers had come forward. After discussion, it was agreed that the lengthsman be asked to weed and dig over the beds and out in some suitable plants. Coun. Newman to get a quote to bring the wall out to make the garden more accessible to the public.

4.2 Defibrillator casing

Coun. Newman has spoken to the local representative of North West Ambulance who is keeping an eye out for a replacement case.

4.3 Play area

Work has started on the latest project to provide new equipment and upgrade the park. Concern was expressed that now the weather has improved, more cars are parking on Old Laund Street. It was agreed that Coun. Newman organise a suitable sign to remind people to park with consideration.

4.4 Kiosk at Wheatley Lane Road

BT had confirmed that the kiosk is now the responsibility of the parish council. They can disconnect the power, but it may take up to 5 months to do this. Because of the cost implications in removing the kiosk, the council agreed not to take any action at the moment.

4.5 Unauthorised building at The Forest

Pendle’s enforcement officer is looking into the building.

5  Reports from outside bodies

Coun. Hall had represented the council at the funeral of Mrs Shelia Grindrod.

6 Correspondence

A letter giving details of the village’s May Ball in aid of St Anne’s Church were circulated.

A letter from Mrs J.Barritt requesting an update on her request for information over a discussion earlier in the year at the parish council over payments made to the auditor was received. Coun. Heaps confirmed she would deal with the matter.

LCC had notified the parish council over plans to resurface Barrowford Road in June.

7.  Planning

17/0157/HHO: extension to first floor dormer window, 22 St Anne’s Drive – no objections.

17/0159/ADV proposal: Advertisement consent: display one post sign (illuminated) and 3 flags on aluminium posts (non illuminated) at Bay Horse Inn, for Fence Gate – no objections.

8. Finance

In: £9,500 – Pendle Borough Council, precept
£279.46 – HMRC – VAT return.

Authorised payments were made to:

£321.42 - Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.
£135-  D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses...
£31.62 – Clerk’s pension contribution.
£135 – J. Barritt, internal auditor
£73.99 – B. Newman for weedkilling and compost.
£880 – Newleaf for work at the back of the village hall

The internal audit had been carried out successfully and comments noted.

9. Any other business

Mr Pickles has some more signs to repair.,

Coun. Newman had sought quotes for the fencing at the back of the village hall.

Coun. Heaps some street furniture needed painting. Coun. Newman said the paint supplied by Pendle had been emulsion for the bus shelters.

Coun. Heaps asked for Pendle’s enforcement officer to look into whether work on an access to a field near to the Sparrow Hawk was complete.

Coun. Goodall said water had been running down Harpers Lane, but was being looked into.

Coun. Hall reported a nuisance couple who had been seen in Wheatley Close. The police are aware.

Coun. Goodall reported a cone filled with concrete left at the corner of Greenhead Lane.

A sign down at Cuckstool Lane has been reported to LCC.

Comments had been made on the council’s Facebook page asking for people using the park and parking at school to use the Pendle Forest Sports Club car park and for a crossing or footbridge to be installed to cater for footfall. The parish council has applied for a grant from Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee to extend the car park behind the village hall to alleviate the problem.

Coun. Myers said a new bench had been put in marking Fence Riding School, after  the original had been taken away and put back in the wrong place.

Request to be made to Pendle for a dog bin at Croft Top Lane.

Coun. Cropper asked what had happened to the part of the Panaz Mill which was originally going to be incorporated into the new development. It was confirmed this had been dangerous and had to be demolished..

10  Date of next meeting

June 5th at 7 p.m. in Fence Village Hall.