Parish Council - Minutes June 2017  










BB10 4RF




Present: Couns B. Newman,, J. Heaps, D. Hall,  P. Shaw, Myers and Hargreaves  and one  member of the public.

1. Apologies for absence

Couns. Goodall and Cropper and County Coun. Wakeford.

2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents

A breakdown of the work done by Newleaf behind the village hall was requested. Coun. Newman explained.

Details of the useage of a former phone box in Lincolnshire which is utilised as a phone box and cash machine were given to councillors. Photographs to follow.

Concerns over the lack of grass cutting on the bypass were expressed. Coun. Newman had strimmed the top and bottom entrances to ensure that access could be made to the parish’s planters. The clerk to express concern to LCC and ask Coun. Wakeford to investigate the schedule of cuts.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted,.

4. Matters arising from minutes

4.1 Harpers Garden

A quote for £1,380 was received for work on the wall and tidying up the garden. It was agreed that if extra work including digging out the tree and bushes in the central area could be included, the quote be accepted. The remainder of the £3,000 grant from Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee to be spent on maintaining the site. Coun. Myers to organise a sign indicating it is a community garden and also Coun. Newman to ensure that azelas planted by Mr R Burnett be returned to him when dug out.

4.2 Play area

Parking signs have gone up. Work has been completed on the site, there was some concern over the sleepers installation, a site meeting to be set up and also herbs to be planted in the banking.  A noticeboard belonging to Fence United is to be mended as the hinges have come off, concern was expressed that the board was a community one, but always locked. Questions were asked re the hedge cutting, but this is the responsibility of the school and is usually done on their side. A cheque for £1,864.95 was received from the Friends of Fence Park which has now wound up. The clerk to send a letter of thanks.

4.3 Mrs J. Barritt

Coun. Heaps had spoken with Mrs Barritt and all has now been resolved.

4.4 Unauthorised building at The Forest

A planning application has gone in for this.

4.5 Street furniture painting

Coun. Heaps said she would be willing to paint the street furniture and planters. Mr Pickles is to deal with the signs. It was agreed that Coun. Heaps liaise with Coun. Newman. Paint can be bought via a community initative at Sandygate, Burnley.

4.6 Access to a field by the Sparrow Hawk

Pendle say LCC is ahppy that the reduction in width of the gate nearest the field wall was sufficient to allow pedestrian access and as such did not represent a highway problem.

However the owners have been advised they need to apply to retain the opening further along which raised no issues, but needs permission.

4.7 Water running down Harpers Lane

This is still running down, it is understood the delay in repairs to the main is due to a lack of traffic management. The clerk to chase up with LCC.

4.8 Dog bin at Croft Top Lane

Pendle is waiting for funding, but will site one if there is a suitable site. Coun. Myers had sent in photos of a suggested site. As there are limited funds for new bins, it was decided not to replace the one in Wheatley Close as there are already a number on site.

5  Reports from outside bodies


6 Correspondence

Pendle’s Scrutiny Overview report to be passed on the round robin.

A letter was received from Mr I Jones of Wheatley Lane Road expressing concern that cars belonging to a local garage owner are being parked and left on the road, causing problems for residents trying to park near their homes. The letter is to be passed to the garage owner inorder to resolve.

Coun. Heaps passed on a request from Mr J. Embersby re his offer to cut grass at the side of the road near to his property and his need for help with the first cut. Coun. Newman to meet and discuss.

A letter asking if a request for a register of address could be agreed. The applicant of a new dwelling opposite the Forest Inn, Cuckstool Lane, has asked to name the road MacBrow Lane. The council supported this.

7.  Planning

17/0197/HHO proposal – erection of lean to extension to the rear of 8 Tunstill Fold, Wheatley Lane Road – no objections.

17/0248/HHO proposal – erection of dormer to the side including a first floor balcony at 3 Heatherlea Road, Fence – no objections.

17/0259/Ful – erection of timber storage shed at Forest Inn, Cuckstool Lane – no objections.

8. Finance

In: £1,864.95 – Friends of Fence Play Park

Authorised payments were made to:

£306.70 - Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.
£108-  D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses...
£31.62 – Clerk’s pension contribution.
£127 – PDS Landscape for play area and village hall grass cutting
£228.38 – D. Hall for plants for planters.
£16.89 – B. Newman, materials for sign repairs.

9. Any other business

Coun. Newman gave details of the re-opening of a footpath by the Bay Horse which has a temporary closure on it until August.

Candles and a minute’s silence organised for Tuesday, June 6th to mark the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London.

Coun. Heaps said Fence United has donated £100 towards a 12ft Christmas tree for the village.

It was confirmed that vice chairman Coun. Goodall would be the council’s representative for the financial risk assessments.

Plants are to be looked at at the triangle.

The clerk to ask Pendle Forest Sports Club to remind visitors not to park at the entrance to the club as access is needed.

10  Date of next meeting

July 3rd at 7 p.m. in Fence Village Hall.