Parish Council - Minutes Dec 2018










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Present: Couns B. Newman, N.Goodall, J. Myers, P. Shaw, J. Farrow, D. Hall and four members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence


2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents

Mr C Heaps asked for an update on the complaint re a container sited at 272 Wheatley Lane Road. The clerk said Pendle’s planners were satisfied that the container did not breach planning regulations.

He also asked members for their views on the re opening of Roaming Roosters and whether there were any objections to it reopening as a similar venture which catered for families. Councillors responded that the venue is not in the parish and any new plans which included a change of use would have to be looked at when the plans are submitted. Mr E. Nutter said there was concern over access from the bypass, which has seen a number of accidents.

Mr Nutter asked if any gullies had been swept in the parish. Coun. Newman said he had requested the sweeper for the village ahead of Remembrance Day, but requests for the gully sweeping needed to be passed to County Coun. Wakeford.

Mrs J. Heaps asked if any action could be taken regarding joyriders after damage is caused to walls in the village. Coun. Goodall said people are entitled to get the details of culprits from the police for insurance purposes.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted..

5 Matters arising from minutes

5.1 Dual Bins

Pendle has looked at the useage of dual bins in the Pendle Forest Sports Club area and have agreed that two could be moved, a dog bin on the bypass at the entrance to the sports club and a post mounted litter bin opposite a dog bin on Cuckstool Lane. This would cost £40. It was agreed to ask for the Cuckstool Lane bin to be moved to the junction of Greenhead Lane and the bypass to allow users of both access.

5.2 Car park project

Planning permission has now been given, subject to conditions. The council are awaiting the details. The clerk has arranged for the council to undergo an access survey inorder to receive a grant from Pendle for a bike shelter. Pendle are to work with Coun. Newman on this.

5.3 War memorial quote

Work will begin on this before Christmas..

5.4 Santa Dash

Following the council’s cancellation, due to a lack of volunteers, a group of parents from the village have taken on this project and this act of community spirit, was welcomed by the council.

6 Reports from outside bodies

Coun. Myers had attended a public rights of way meeting and said it was very informative. She said the countryside access officer had a huge workload, which he was struggling to get through.

Coun. Newman said the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate plan had been pulled in by Pendle and is to be looked at by borough councillors.

7 Correspondence

Electoral boundary change details have been emailed to all councillors. The register of electors contact list received.

8. Planning

Proposed diversion of public footpath 111 Old Laund Booth by Richard Wellock and Sons – no objections.

9. Finance

Authorised payments were made to:

£322.12 Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£144.29 D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses...

£40.51 – Clerk’s pension contribution...

£34.75 – DA Smith – photocopying of minutes.

£125.97 – B. Newman for batteries for Christmas lights.

£198 – Village Hall rent.

10 Any other business

The clerk passed on a warning from Pendle following an incident of razor blades being put on a children’s play area slide in Lancaster. Coun. Hall said the hut repairs at the play area are due this month.

Coun. Farrow was thanked for putting up the Christmas tree, kindly donated by Fence United and Coun. Newman is to put up the lights.

Coun. Myers asked why the parish council had not been consulted on a proposed diversion of a footpath at Fence Gate. The clerk to contact the countryside access officer.

11. Part 2 – Press and Public excluded

Two items were discussed.

12 Date of next meeting

February 5th, 2019 in Fence Village Hall at 7 p.m.