Parish Council - Minutes Dec 2017










BB10 4RF




Present: Couns B. Newman, J. Heaps, I. Hargreaves, G. Cropper, N.Goodall, J. Myers, P. Shaw, County Coun. C. Wakeford.

1. Apologies for absence


2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents


4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted.

4. Matters arising from minutes

4.1 Bin at Noggarth Road

The bin is being emptied every Thursday.

4.2 Unauthorised entry from Hoarstones Avenue into Wheatley Lane

Pendle is investigating.

4.3 Dropped kerb outside village shop

The clerk has passed this request to LCC.

4.4 Damage to footpath at the corner of Harpers Lane and Laund Gate

This has now been repaired.

4.5 Overhanging trees in Harpers Lane

Awaiting a reply from LCC.

4..6 Car park project

Coun. Newman and Hall had met with County Coun. Wakeford to discuss the project. He is now speaking with his colleagues at LCC to see if any funding can be secured from the road safety funding or the environmental fund. Coun. Wakeford said he should have information back this week.

4.7 Roundabout at Greenhead Lane

LCC say they have resurfaced and remarked the area at Greenhead Lane to try and alert drivers to safety issues. There had been a minimum number of road accidents and therefore in LCC’s view, there is no current justification for a roundabout.

4.8 Sleigh Ride

After a date clash, this has now been moved to December 13th at 6 p.m., with people meeting at the Scout HQ/Coun Newman’s house. Envelopes are to be distributed and help is needed to do this. Money made will go towards new Christmas tree lights and Pendle Forest Young Sports project.

4.9 Harpers Garden

Work has been delayed on the gardens because the new houses have not yet been finished.

4.9 (i) Dog bins on bypass

LCC is investigating.

49 (ii) Hedge from Pollard Row down to the Inghamite Church

Awaiting a reply from LCC.

4.9 (iii) Christmas tree

Fence United had bought a tree for the village and thanks was given to them and also to Couns. Newman and Goodall for organising putting it up and sorting out the lights. Everyone agreed the display this year was impressive. Coun. Newman said new lights will be needed next year.

4.9 (iv) Empty houses policy

Awaiting a reply from Pendle. Coun. Myers said 499 Wheatley Lane Road is now occupied.

4.9 (v) Drains at St Anne’s Drive

These have been cleared.

4.9 (vi) Field by the Sparrow Hawk

Pendle is investigating.

5  Reports from outside bodies

BT is in the process of disconnecting the phone box from outside the former post office.

Coun. Newman said work is needed to repair the wall at the back  of the war memorial. A quote for £2,500 has been received, Coun. Heaps and Newman to obtain another one each.

6 Correspondence

War memorial bulletin

7.  Planning


8. Finance

Authorised payments were made to:

£334.62 Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.
£121.50-   D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses...
£31.62 – Clerk’s pension contribution..
£76.41 – B. Newman for new Christmas lights.
£26 – D. Hall for plants..
A budget had been organised by the clerk. It was agreed to set the precept at £14,850.  The increase is to pay for reapairs to the wall memorial wall and towards the car park project.

Coun. Heaps said she had been approached by a villager questioning the clerk’s salary. Coun. Goodall to explain the work involved and the structure of the salary which is in line with national clerk guidelines based on experience and length of service.

9. Any other business

Coun. Myers said land at Cuckstool Lane is to be auctioned off. There was concern about sheep escaping.

Coun. Myers to look into water problems at the entrance to the Scout HQ.

Coun. Wakeford to push LCC to look at drain problems on Noggarth Road and the bypass.

It was agreed to hold a Christmas party for the elderly in the village hall and charge for it, with the parish council to provide wine and a raffle. Coun. Hall and Coun. Newman to liaise re the date and time and price and to advertise via the chairman’s letter.

10  Date of next meeting

February 6th at 7 p.m. in Fence Village Hall. No meeting in January.