Parish Council - Minutes May 2019    




Present: Couns B. Newman, N. Goodall, I. Hargreaves, D. Hall, J. Myers, C. Whittam and five members of the public.

The clerk welcomed the newly elected councillors and acceptance of office forms and declarations of interest forms were completed. All relevant documents for a new councilor have been passed to Coun. C. Whittam. There are currently two vacancies and co option of members can take place within 35 days of the expected election date.

1. Apologies for absence


2. Declaration of interests


3. Questions from residents

Mr R.. Burnett asked re the grass cutting on the bypass and Coun. Newman confirmed a private contractor has been employed for cuts through the season in addition to the LCC cuts.

Mr Burnett also asked about the grassed area around the village hall. Coun. Newman said the regular contractor is not available and a new contractor is being sought.

Mr. Burnett and Mrs B. Dixon said they spoke for several residents concerned about the quality of the work carried out on repairs to the area surrounding the war memorial. Coun. Myers said the work has not yet finished and rubbish on site will be taken away on completion. Coun. Newman said the main concern of the parish council was to ensure the area was safe, but he agreed to speak to the contractor to pass on the concerns.

Mrs Dixon said a kissing gate at the footpath at Cuckstool Lane had been put in 10 years ago and now the other side is broken. This will be reported to the countryside access officer at Pendle.

4 Minutes of the last meeting

These were accepted.

5 Matters arising from minutes

5.1 Container at 272 Wheatley Lane Road

Coun. Newman said Pendle’s planning is dealing with this.

5.2 Car park project

Coun. Newman said work should progress once work to the nearby flats is complete. The clerk had contacted the insurance company and it had been confirmed that the car park would be covered automatically under the policy as long as disclaimer noitces are displayed explaining that the council is not liable for any loss or damage to vehicles and anything in and about the vehicles. The clerk to check the cost of insuring for potential damage to the surface of the car park.

5.3 Road markings at Pendle Fields and Harpers Lane

LCC say the area has not been inspected, but is on a list of various faded road marking requests and will be carried out in new financial year (April 19/20)/ The clerk to ask for a timetable of work and advise that there is a resident in the village who relies on these lines due to their disability.

5.4 Millennium clock battery

The clock has been removed and batteries are being sought.

5.5 Cherry blossom trees at the corner of Wheatley Lane Road and the bypass

Pendle’s tree officer says he is happy in principle with the council’s request to leave the trees, however if it gets to a point where the trees need removing, he will do so..

6 Reports from outside bodies


7 Correspondence

A letter was sent from the Armed Forces Support Group outlining dates to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

LCC had sent an offer re the public rights of way – local delivery scheme. The council to decline due to the cost. Clerk’s Direct magazine distributed.

8. Planning

19/0277/HHO – retention of single storey extension of rear of 479 Wheatley Lane Road – no comments.

9. Finance

Paid in:£14, 850 – precept.

£500 – Pendle Forest Sports Club rent.

£2,060.87 – VAT refund.

Authorised payments were made to:

£76 – D. Halstead, lengthsman's salary and expenses..

£311.91 - Rebecca Hay, clerk's salary and expenses.

£40.51 – Clerk’s pension contribution...

£165 – J. Barritt – internal auditor.

£40 – ICO – Data Protection renewal.

£27.99 – Kaspersky Internet protection.

£39.14 – Coun. Newman for repairs to street nameplates.

The internal audit had been completed with no findings and the annual report and balance sheet were presented to the council and signed. Due to a new council, the financial risk assessment document was updated and signed. The clerk had sought a new insurance deal due to the high premium offered by the current insurer. It was agreed to accept this, subject to the cost of adding a clause on re the car park. To discuss capital bid projects including benches at the next meeting.

10 Any other business

Coun. Whittam discussed the plans for the annual garden show and it was agreed to have a meeting following the parish council meeting in June.

11 Date of next meeting

June 3rd in Fence Village Hall at 7p.m